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PVC Foam Board

PVC Foam Board or OCT-Foam board is a rigid, light weight extruded sheet with a fine & homogeneous closed cell structure that has a smooth matte surface finish on both sides although the surface is relatively hard and scratch resistant. PVC foam board has very low moisture absorption and the mixture of Polyvinyl chloride and pleurae has good bond strength. PVC foam takes solid shape due to its linear structure. PVC foam board can be cut as easily as wood, softened and shaped by immersing in boiling water or with a standard heat gun, and painted with standard automobile paints.

  • Boards are only available in white.
  • 3 – 22mm thickness.
  • 2449mm and 3050mm lengths.
  • Special requests on thickness and length will be considered on ordering and subject to minimum quantities.
PVC foam sheets provide a low maintenance solution for walls, floors and ceilings where hygiene is a priority. Oct-Foam Board can replace plywood in light concrete form work. Due to its water resistant qualities it can be used more than once and gives the concrete a smooth finish with no need for further finishing. The PVC Board is environmentally friendly and resistant to chemicals and corrosion making it a more suitable and profitable choice when it comes to concrete form work.


Furniture: Bathroom and Kitchen cabinet, Desks and shelving as well as storage cabinets in high humidity zones.

Building Sector: Partition walls, shop fittings, interior decorating, ceiling and wall cladding as well as concrete form work.

Advertising: Signs and billboards, screen printing and exhibition stands.


  • Moisture resistant.
  • Light weight but strong.
  • UV and weather resistant.
  • Flame retardant.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Easy to use.