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PVC roof sheeting is ideal for our harsh South African climate as it will not rust or corrode. PVC Roof Sheeting is modern and fast becoming the material of choice for manufacturing plants, agricultural buildings, warehouses as well as decks, patios, car ports ect. Life Cycle Cost analyses have proven that PVC roofing systems are among the least costly over time for two major reasons: long service life and energy efficiency. The longer a roof lasts without major problems, the less costly it is on an annual basis. Energy savings of up to 40 percent every year due to the reflective properties of white PVC roofs can be saved. The anti-corrosion performance of PVC roof tile is suitable for most applications in coastal areas with severe salt fog corrosion as well as areas with severe air pollution.

PVC roof sheets are available in IBR profiles in translucent, green and amber colours. We also offer sheets in solid colours like white, cream, grey, green and blue. Sheets are available in thicknesses of 2.0mm and 3.0mm. There are also various sheet lengths available and this can be manufactured on request with a minimum order amount.

At Thursoct we co-extrude a layer of ASA to the PVC roofing sheet that increases the ultra violet resistance of the roof sheet making it scratch resistant, durable and resistant to extreme weathering and colour change. ASA is a tough, highly transparent material with excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation and weathering. We also offer flat PVC sheeting that can be used with Rockwool or Iso board as insulation for cladding on buildings or cold storage for excellent temperature regulation with great energy saving advantages.


Instalation of PVC roof sheets is easy and no special equipment is needed, the sheets can be cut using an ordinary hand saw, grinder, band saw, jig saw or circular saw. Use good quality roof screws to fix the PVC sheet to the purlin. Purlin spacing is very important because of the flexibility of the PVC Roof Sheeting.